Adhesives, Tapes, & Sealants

We've got so many different kinds of adhesives, sealants, tapes and curing agents here at SkyGeek, you won't know what to stick together, seal, tape or cure first! But have no fear, they're all neatly organized for your perusal and if you have any questions, our ace geeks are standing by to assist you.

It's quite a list, so make yourself comfortable. You'll find access door sealants, corrosion inhibitive sealants, electrical sealants, firewall sealants, fuel tank sealants, gasket sealants - and that doesn't even take us halfway through the list. Our selection of adhesives includes conductive adhesives, contact adhesives, epoxy adhesives, non-conductive adhesives, instant adhesives, structural adhesives and more. And because sometimes it's not about putting something on, but rather getting it off, we also have adhesive remover. You'll also discover various kinds of epoxy curing agents and tapes of all types, from polyurethane protective tape to flame retardant double coated cloth tape.

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