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We carry air drills of various speeds, sizes and capabilities at SkyGeek. Our selection of pneumatic drills includes compact and lightweight models for easy transport and storage. Our Sioux Tool air drills will impress any aviator or technician with their high power and flexibility. The Sioux Tool 1410R Palm Drill has a sleek design that can fit in your pocket, weighing just over one pound. This incredible tool is reversible for your convenience and reaches 2000 RPM for maximum performance. Our palm drills are ideal for use in your garage and on the go, delivering the power you need in a smaller design. Our larger Sioux Tool models reach up to 6000 RPM for extra power. Our Sioux pneumatic drills are designed for little maintenance and a long lifespan, the perfect investment for your tool collection. We carry the air drills that will impress with every use, from heavy duty to palm drills. At SkyGeek, our selection of Sioux pneumatic drills will get the job done.

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