Aircraft Deicing Headset

It's annoying when someone in the shop goes out to pick up coffee and donuts and they don't hear your order correctly. However, when your ground crew doesn't hear instructions correctly, it can be downright dangerous. This is especially true in rough weather conditions, which is what these rugged David Clark single-ear de-icing ground support headsets and other equipment were designed for. In addition to the headsets, there are master stations and remote headset stations plus various lengths of cord assemblies. David Clark has been a premiere manufacturer of noise attenuating headsets and microphones since 1935. They've designed products for NASA, so they definitely know their business.

David Clark is just one of's manufacturing partners that specializes in a particular industry, leading the way in innovation and expertise. We do all the ground work of bringing the best of the best together in our virtual store so you don't have to search around. We have what you need for your aircraft.

Its simple, yet rugged, modular design offers durability that is unbeatable. All modules are weather-tight and are manufactured using rugged heavy-gauge polycarbonate (-80°F to +212°F) housings with integral mounting feet for easy installation.

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