Aircraft Tie Down

Next time you go on that camping trip or to Oshkosh Air Venture with your plane make sure you swing through SkyGeek and purchase the best aircraft tie-downs money can buy. The old saying goes "you can't beat mother nature" never is this more true then when it comes to mooring your plane while on the road. It is best to be prepared. Tying your plane regardless of whether you are flying to a back country airstrip or a fully equipped FBO is the smart and safe choice. How many times have you arrived at an FBO only to find it is BYOR "Bring your own ropes" … or perhaps you are camping under your plane's wing only to find yourself in a huge thunderstorm with no tie downs. We have all seen the clips on CNN were they show a local airport hit by a micro burst or surprise thunderstorm only to leave half the planes upside down on the ramp. With a small investment at SkyGeek you can protect your pride and joy and have peace of mind that you did all you could to secure your plane from the elements. In addition to plane anchoring systems you will find all of the aircraft supplies you need from

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