Airloc® Fastener Tools

If you're a busy person and don't have time to poke around the web in search of a specific tool you need right away, is here for you! Why spend time searching the Internet looking for aircraft tools and parts when you can be watching all those funny animal videos?

When installing Airloc's new flare type fastener grommets, these dimpling tools are required. We carry flush head and round/oval head MilSpec grommet flaring tools for the Airloc® A-Spec fastener system. They're built for long life, made from carbon steel and zinc plated. These grommet flaring tools are for #2 and #5 Series Flush Head Studs and #5 Series Oval Head Studs, which are common for Raytheon and Beech aircraft and latches found on many other manufacturers' cowlings.

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