Aviation Snips

If you hair is getting a little too long or becoming ragged around the edges, we have the perfect shears for you. No actually, these are aviation shears, which of course is what you'll want to use for cutting sheet metal. They're made from high carbon steel for superior strength and durability, and will work a lot better than what you used in your school's art class. We offer aviation snips from top manufacturers like Aircraft Tool Supply, Irwin® and Jilson. You'll find left, right and straight aviation snips, offset aviation snips, sheet metal shears, circular duckbill snips and lightweight Monodex shears.

You'll notice that the aviation snips are in pretty colors - yellow, red and green. That's not just to show off your sense of style; they're color-coded for a reason. Green snips are for cutting curves in a clockwise motion, and red snips are for cutting counterclockwise curves. Yellow (standard) snips are made for cutting sheet metal on a wide curve. All 3 can be used to cut in a straight line.

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