Back Cutter Pilots, Aircraft Bayonets, Bayonet Cutters

Back Cutter Pilots We carry a wide selection of back cutter pilots designed for use with bayonet countersink and spotface cutters. Our tools will help you create clean countersink and spotface holes to set your screws even with or below the surface. We carry seven varieties of Craig Tools International and Aircraft Tool Supply aircraft bayonets! Each of these bayonet cutters is offered at only $9.99 to fit your budget. Whether you are purchasing an aircraft bayonet cutter for the first time or as a replacement part, we have the tools you need. Our bayonet spotface cutters range from 3/32 to 3/8 inches in diameter. For precise cutters that will withstand wear and tear and provide exceptional reliability, our selection of aircraft bayonets is ideal. Our affordable products are hand selected by our Geeks to provide every aviator with the right do-it-yourself tools he or she needs to take flight safely!

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