Bolt Extractors, Broken Bolt Removers

Bolt extractors will remove damaged and stubborn screws with ease. Your aircraft's bolts endure wear and tear with each flight. Corroded and broken bolts can be difficult to remove and unsafe for your aircraft. We carry broken bolt remover kits from Alden, Aircraft Tool Supply and General Tools for easy extraction. Don't struggle with broken bolts and leave hard-to-remove debris behind. Our high power bolt removal tools will safely extract old, rusty screws from your aircraft. Try our Alden Grabit Kits that come in five varieties! The Alden Drill-Out seven piece kit acts as both a drill bit and an extractor for convenient and versatile use. This tool provides excellent control, so you won't struggle to maintain a centered hole while drilling. These kits include each necessary part for simple use and little maintenance. Removing broken or corroded bolts can be a hassle. Eliminate frustration, further breakage and unsafe bolts with our screw and bolt removal kits.

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