Borescopes & Fiberscopes

Our borescopes will allow you to see into the nooks and crannies of your aircraft easily. We carry Hawkeye borescopes designed to provide the images you need to work on your aircraft parts, such as your engine and hydraulic landing gear. Our selection of borescope equipment will impress any aviator. We carry items ranging from kits to accessories such as carrying cases and lighting solutions. Eliminate the hassle of disassembling parts to get a clearer view; use a flexible fiberscope to reach deeper inside your aircraft or other machine. Try the Hawkeye Pro Flexible Video Borescope! This portable, lightweight borescope delivers a clear image on a small video screen and is offered in a variety of sizes and specifications. Our borescope accessories include video capture cables which allow you to record your findings, capture still images and see your borescope images on a larger computer screen. A Hawkeye Angled Eyepiece Eyecup Extender reflects the image through a second eyepiece, helpful if you are unable to comfortably use your borescope's eyepiece. Our Hawkeye borescopes for sale include all the parts and accessories you need to reach any difficult area on your aircraft!

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