Cable Cutters

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Cable cutters are a must for every mechanic's toolbox. We supply several choices for you to take advantage of. Our Felco C7 cable cutters give an excellent cut without any squishing of the outer coating. The triangular cutting system offers a much superior cut, and the blades and center bolt are made from hardened steel for superior performance. You can even use this wire cutter with one hand because of its thumb catch, and its steel handles with non-slip grips keep these cutters in your hand and off the ground! Working with tough copper battery cable? Use these copper battery cable cutters from Stride Tool. Cut through tough 2/0 gauge fine-stranded cable with minimal effort. Deflection is minimal with the precise scissors action blades, and the cushioned grips provide extra comfort during use. SkyGeek also offers a hand notcher that cuts a perfect 31 degree "V" every time.

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