Cannon Plug Pliers

You might be the sort of person who tries to remove a beer cap with your teeth, but it's far better to have a proper tool for the task at hand. This is why we sell Cannon plug pliers. They let you work efficiently with Cannon electrical connectors. These handy tools let you install and remove Cannon plug connectors and other kinds of electrical connectors easily and safely. It's made with durable steel alloy that's non-sparking, which is good news if you don't enjoy shocking experiences. The serrated plastic jaws on these Cannon plug insertion pliers can be removed and replaced, and these plug pliers have slip-joint handles. Use these pliers to grip any sort of surface, whether it's smooth, jagged or even slippery with oil. has been your Number One aircraft tools, parts and equipment superstore since 2003, and our expert customer service team can help you find whatever you're looking for.

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