Rivet Shavers, Carbide Tipped Rivet Shavers, Rivet Shaver Bits

Rivet Shavers & Pilot Hole Cutters Our Pan American Tool rivet shavers are strong, powerful and easy to use. We carry solid Carbide tipped rivet shavers which will maximize performance and lifespan. Don't replace your rivet shaver bits after a difficult project. Each of our Carbide tipped shavers are designed to last! We offer rivet shaver bits in 10 sizes, ranging from 5/16 to 5/8 inches in diameter. All 10 shaver bits fit standard Microstops for added convenience. These rivet shavers are priced to sell at under $40 each, so purchase yours today. If you're looking for a rivet shaver bit that will provide long-term use and extreme durability, our Carbide bits are ideal. Try our pilot cutters, also offered by Pan American Tool, specially designed to cut through highly abrasive material. Our rivet shavers and pilot cutters eliminate difficulty when cutting your aircraft's metal. Materials such as Kevlar can be challenging to work with; our rivet shaver bits reduce the hassle and ease cutting. Try our rivet shavers today!

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