Channel Lock Pliers

Pliers can be used for virtually anything. Their main use is for bending and using physical compression on a job. For all that they can do, they are actually quite simple, using basic physics to perform many functions. They are created from a pair of handles, a pivot and a head section. The jaws of the pliers always meet at one pivot angle, unlike scissors. SkyGeek carries channel lock pliers from Cooper Hand Tools that are used to install and remove Cannon plug collars. For safety reason, they are made from non-sparking steel alloy and use plastic inserts, which can be removed, which grip oily, uneven surfaces. We also have Cannon-plug pliers from ATI Tools that make installation and removal of electric connectors safer and easier. Need to do a bit of plumbing? Soft-jaw plumbing pliers from General Tools allow you to safely remove and install delicate materials and finishes. You can even remove the soft jaws to use the heavy-duty jaws, which can be used for auto work, plumbing and more. The handles are cushion wrapped for comfort and even include an extra set of rubber jaws!

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