Chemetall Ardrox AV 40 Corrosion Inhibiting Compound

No matter how you look at it, there's nothing good about corrosion. Having to deal with rusted parts is a frustrating time killer. That's why you should always have a canister (or maybe even a big drum) of Chemetall Ardrox AV 40 corrosion inhibiting compound close at hand. We guarantee that it will make your maintenance work a lot easier.

Ardrox AV 40 is a heat-resistant spray that's extremely easy to use and highly effective. It's also safe for commonly used aerospace metals and metal alloys. This special formula creates a layer of tough protection wherever it's applied. It saves you time and money by ensuring that corrosion doesn't invade your aircraft. Ardrox AV 40 lubricates while it keeps away moisture, so rust can't take hold and eat at your valuable components. Stock up and keep your precious aircraft well-armed against corrosion!


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