Combination Squares

Combination squares are an absolute necessity for pilots, mechanics and enthusiasts everywhere. Whether you're working on your plane or doing some simple woodwork around the house or shop, you're going to need a combination square. A combination square is essentially a ruler that has interchangeable heads that can be used for different purposes. It can be used to measure angles (reliable measuring 90 degree and 45 degree angles), determine the flatness of a surface, measure a circular or dowel's center, mark a work surface and more. SkyGeek supplies top quality Fowler combination squares in 12", 18", and 24" sets. Every combination square comes with square, center and reversible protractor heads, and is useful as a square, a height and depth gauge, a level, a marking gauge, a level protractor, a steel rule and more. Prices start as low as $142.99 with fast and affordable shipping. These make great gifts for the geek, pilot, mechanic or enthusiast.

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