Turbine Engine Compressor Washer

It isn't just a matter of keeping your baby looking pretty. Routine washings with an aircraft engine compressor washer will extend the life of your turbine engine, enhance its performance, reduce maintenance costs and make it more fuel efficient. Why doesn't want that? We offer high performance turbine engine compressor washers from Aviation Management and Tronair, two highly respected names in the business. These machines efficiently perform turbine wheel and compressor washes that comply with manufacturers' specifications. Choose from models that range from 2.5 gallon fluid capacity portable units up to 200-gallon engine compressor washer carts.

Features of the various models include welded steel construction, heavy duty casters and multiple engine adaptability, with adapter kits sold separately. We have these engine adapter kits here for various aircraft, such as the K-1152 adapter for Pratt & Whitney, the Bell 206 compressor wash adapter and the Tronair K2248 kit adapter (compressor wash kit CFM56). You'll also find fuel nozzle pulse cleaners and hose assemblies.

SkyGeek.com has you covered for all your aircraft turbine engine needs, including everything you need to keep it roaring like a lion.

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