Levels, Bubble Levels, Laser Levels

At SkyGeek, our selection of levels will rival the traditional style of levels. Our levels include bubble levels, laser levels and digital levels designed for the most accurate readings at the lowest prices. We carry levels of varying sizes, too, including a pocket-sized model. The M-D Building Products SmartTool Angle Sensor Module is a highly versatile digital level. This product can be used alone or inside other levels, such as M-D Building Product's I-Beam levels. The pocket-sized Angle Sensor Module measures all angles quickly and effectively; keep this product handy for foolproof measurements on any project. The SmartTool 24 and 48 inch bubble levels include an easy to read digital indicator and are constructed to withstand even the toughest use. These levels contain the Angle Sensor Module within their sturdy aluminum frames, designed to protect the module from any damage. Try our Magnetic Bracket, which easily mounts on any iron surface to facilitate hands-free use. Our M-D Building Products levels provide effective measurements on any project.

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