Decal Remover

If your kid put Disney stickers all over your prize bird, or your teenager stuck up bumper stickers advertising his heavy metal band, we have the solution right here - one of our decal removers! Seriously though, those likely won't be the type of decals you'll want to remove, but you get the idea. We have the powerful Dent Fix 700DX pneumatic grime and decal remover, which rids your aircraft not just of decals but also under-coatings, rust, sealers and other nasty residues. You'll also find decal eraser wheels that are designed to be used with Dent Fix's machines. They can remove an inch-wide strip at a time, taking off both the sticker and the glue. There's also an offset model, and these will remove the sticker without removing the paint. Get a clean, clear surface without getting exhausted! has been supplying the skies since 2003.

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