Dial Indicators

Our selection of Fred Dowler dial indicators and Fowler accessories deliver precise measurements with every use. Try the Fred Dowler Company High Precision Dial Indicator. This dial uses .0005 inch increments to measure up to one inch travel. This useful tool includes a revolution counter. The High Precision Dial Indicator is offered at only $36.99, an incredible deal for this extremely accurate and versatile product. We carry two additional Fred Dowler Dial Indicators, offered in black and white, which travel in .001 inch increments and include tolerance markers. Magnetic bases are the ideal tool to hold your indicator safely. Our Fowler set includes a dial indicator and magnetic base for $58.99, a combination package that is sure to impress. The magnetic base can be easily adjusted to fit your specifications. If you already own a standard dial indicator, we also carry the Fowler magnetic base individually for $31.99. This product is compatible with all standard dial indicators for your convenience.

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