Flight Timers

Our flight timers are ideal for collecting important data during flight. This tool should be a cockpit essential for aviators of all levels, from students to experienced pilots. For a simple and user-friendly flight timer, try our General Tools Digital Triple Timer with Clock. This timer includes a large display with three separate timers! The Digital Triple Timer is priced at only $15.99, a great value. For a more specialized flight timer, the ASA Digital Flight Timer 2 delivers. This ASA timer is priced at $39.99. Once you try the Digital Flight Timer 2, you won't take off without it. The Digital Flight Timer 2 calculates time to the next waypoint and fuel tank changes to increase both safety and efficiency on your flight. View our customer reviews, which highlight this product's helpful features in-flight. This ASA timer can be used on both VFR and IFR flights, too, so add one to your pilot bag before your next flight.

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