Drill Bit Extensions

If you've been feeling over-extended lately, maybe you just don't have the right tools. Feast your eyes on these cobalt jobbers length extension drill bits from Pan American Tool and aircraft extension drill bits from American Tool Supply. The Pan American drill bit extensions are 6 inches long, available in various diameters and flute lengths. They come in numbered sizes, are made from 8 percent cobalt high-speed steel, and can be used to drill tough materials such as titanium, Inconel and stainless steel.

The American Tool extension drill bits are NAS907 type B and J, and come in 6-inch and 12-inch overall sizes. They're also available in different flute lengths and diameters. These are great for softer metals like mild steel and aluminum. We have them in numbered, lettered and fractional sizes. Yes, we're all about choices here at SkyGeek.com!

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