Drill Bits

You'll find all manner of bits and bobs for your aviation tools here at SkyGeek.com. We've been amassing aircraft parts, tools, supplies and accessories from every corner of the globe since 2003, so by now we're quite good at it. Speaking of bits and bobs, here is a large selection of bits. From Craig Tools, you'll find bayonet cutters, countersink bits and zero flute pilot cutters. Aircraft Tool Supply manufactures cobalt jobbers length drill bits, extension drill bits, piloted counterbores and counter sink cutters. From Craftics, we have diamond dust drill bits.

But wait, there's more. We also have compact drill bit sets, microstop countersinks, metal pilot cutters, reamers, rivet shavers, tapered router bits, steel drill bits and threaded drill bits. Bet you'll never guess what the Plexiglas® drill bits are made to cut? That's right, Plexiglas. They can also be used to cut holes in polycarbonate and acrylics without chipping. Drill Doctor drill bit sharpeners to keep everything nice and sharp.

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