Drilling Fluid

At SkyGeek, beating the heat is what we help you achieve.

Machining fluid (also known as drilling fluid) is like many of its kind; a means of lubricating a surface, whether tool or otherwise. Like other vehicles, an aircraft consists of moving parts. This movement and interaction among surrounding parts creates friction. Friction produces heat. And this form of heat can warp, distort or compromise the integrity of these parts and tools. Clearly, this is not something that you want since replacing and repairing parts is expensive.

Lubricants such as machining fluids work at the point of contact between tool and the surface being worked on. These fluids essentially wet the area, thus reducing the ability of colliding surfaces from rubbing up against each other so as to prevent or reduce friction. Our supply of machining fluids can cut down not only on friction but costs as well. How's that for whetting your aviation maintenance appetite?

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