Duckbill Pliers

Our duckbill pliers are a great value, priced at only $16.99. These duckbill pliers are seven inches long and include a plastic grip for additional comfort. Duckbill pliers feature a long, narrow tip for work in hard to reach places. These pliers are ideal for any confined space on your aircraft or for any intricate projects you may have. The jaws on the duckbill pliers are serrated to maintain a strong grip on any surface. Don't struggle with greasy surfaces; the serrated teeth on these pliers will get the job done. Equipped with a lifetime warranty, we guarantee that these pliers will perform for years to come. If you are looking for a high-performance product that won't break your budget, these pliers deliver. For the best prices available, SkyGeek is your one-stop shopping location. Our duckbill pliers are designed for comfort, efficiency and affordability.

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