Dye Penetrant, Magnaflux Spotcheck, Penetrant Inspection Kits

At SkyGeek, we suggest preventative maintenance to alert you in advance if your aircraft needs a repair. Our dye penetrants can be used to reveal any surface imperfections or damage that can increase your risk of problems while flying. The Magnaflux products we carry at SkyGeek will find any flaw in your aircraft's parts to ensure safety and keep your plane running smoothly. Our penetrant inspection kits are equipped with every product you need, such as penetrant, cleaner, developer, a marking pen, hand cleaners, a wiping cloth and instructions, all inside a compact carrying case. Each of these products is offered individually, too, at the lowest prices. If you want to stock up with Magnaflux fluorescent penetrant, try a five gallon pail. Our Magnaflux Spotcheck is a compact penetrant for your convenience. Its no-mess design is a helpful alternative to the standard aerosol can. This product is offered in a 12 pack, so stock up with this convenient penetrant pen. Our Magnaflux products detect any potential cracks or flaws in your aircraft's parts.

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