Ear Muffs

Next to sight, your hearing is your most important sense in flight, so make sure you're getting reliable hearing protection. Give your ears the protection they deserve with hearing protectors from your favorite Flyboys at SkyGeek.com.

We have many different models of hearing protectors to fit any application. These hearing protectors will protect your precious pilot ears from unexpected feedback, noise and static. You can also use these hearing protectors in the repair shop when working on a riveting project, or even if you're just in your garage working with power tools! Not exactly discreet, but they can also be used to help block out your spouse's nagging from the next room!

Take care and protect your hearing (or what's left of it) with hearing protectors from www.SkyGeek.com. They come in various colors like white, yellow, two-tone red with black, orange hi-viz, neon green and even “David Clark green” . Now you can look cool while playing it safe!

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