Electrical Sealant

SkyGeek's collection of aircraft electrical sealant sustains electrical continuity in your aircraft at a wide range of temperatures and altitudes. Our products also prevent harmful corrosion from damaging your aircraft's metal parts. Our electrical sealants are offered in a two-part compound for easy mixing and can be applied with an extrusion gun or spatula. We carry electrical sealants to ensure the safety of your electrical wiring and protect it from corrosion or other hazards. Use conductive sealant to maintain your aircraft's electrical efficiency while protecting its wiring. Our PRC, AC Tech and Flamemaster potting compounds will shield wiring, electrical connectors and other susceptible electrical parts from damage. These potting compounds will insulate and seal your aircraft's electrical parts. Our varieties of electrically conductive adhesives cure at room temperature and deliver total insulation by surrounding your aircraft's vulnerable electrical parts. At SkyGeek, we provide the simple, effective and safe products you need to ensure the protection of your aircraft and secure its electrical wiring.

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