Emergency Locator Transmitter

Here's one piece of equipment you need, but hopefully you'll never use it! An emergency locator transmitter is an essential item to have aboard your aircraft, for the safety of pilot, passengers and crew. In the event of a crash, an aircraft ELT sends out an emergency alert automatically. Are you looking for an emergency transmitter that broadcasts at 121.5 MHz, or a 406 MHz emergency locator beacon? We carry both types. There are ELTs with a rod antenna, whip antenna or blade antenna. You'll find ELT (aircraft) base kits, and emergency beacons for helicopters.

At SkyGeek's aviation ELT shop, we also offer personal locator beacons. The personal EPIRB is a compact device that can be carried on a lanyard, and it uses a replaceable battery. If dropped, it will float, so this incredibly useful device will keep you safe, even in the most difficult type of situation. Most models include integrated GPS.

For the best ELT (aviation use), SkyGeek has you covered. Fly strong, and fly safe. 

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