Extended Rivet Sets, Extended Back Rivets

At SkyGeek, we strive to be your one-stop, convenient shopping location for your aviation needs. We carry a wide variety of Aircraft Tool Supply rivet sets, including the extended rivet sets to service even confined areas on your machinery. Our extended rivets are offered in eight and 12 inch sets to satisfy your riveting needs. We carry straight extended rivets in both sizes for added convenience! Looking for an offset rivet with easy installation and long-term use? Try our 12 inch extended back double offset rivet sets for just $29.99. These useful and high-performance tools will impress any aviator. For extended rivet sets that will deliver with every use, our Aircraft Tool Supply selection is ideal. Our three varieties of extended back rivets get the job done, even in those difficult nooks and crannies of your aircraft or other machinery. Perfect for RV-10 builders, invest in our affordable extended rivet sets today.

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