Aircraft Sheet Metal Tools, Sheet Metal Hole Punches, Sheet Metal Flanger

Aircraft sheet metal tools are an essential for any do-it-yourself aviator. At SkyGeek, we carry sheet metal hole punches and flangers for easy use. Try the versatile Taylor Pneumatic Tool Company 5801 two-in-one air punch and flanging tool. This powerful product can flange up to 14 gauge steel! Then, just turn the tool or its head to punch a 3/16 inch hole. This two-in-one product can quickly alternate between its two uses and includes a 360 degree swiveling head. Operating at 90 psi, this Taylor Pneumatic Tool Company product is designed to impress. If you're looking for a hole flanging tool, try the Aircraft Tool Supply FT100. This sheet metal flanger will not mar your aircraft's material and is capable of flanging from one inch up. The FT100 is offered at only $14.99, an excellent deal for any budget. Our sheet metal forming tools will save you time and elbow grease while fitting your budget.

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