Stumbling around in the dark or struggling to see your work clearly, whether it's in your aircraft or in the shop, is not a great look. Even an ace mechanic needs to be able to see in order to perform magic. These high performance LED and AAA or photo battery-operated fingerlights, headlamps, aircraft marshalling batons, penlights, flashlights and work lights will show you the way and illuminate your work environment. You can find a safety baton red LED flashlight as well as batons in blue, green and yellow. In the interest of safety, you should always have an aircraft emergency flashlight on board whenever you fly. Don't wait until you need it!

There are hands-free work lights with clamps, kinetic shake flashlights that don't require a battery and powerful LED flashlights that are compact to slip into your shirt pocket. When it comes to having a flashlight for aircraft maintenance (especially for emergency aircraft maintenance), a headlamp comes in handy for 2-handed jobs in dark areas. Finger lights are ideal for reading maps and instructions in low-light situations.

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