Refrigerant Leak Detector

When you find a leak in your garden hose, that's a big annoyance, but the biggest problem you'll have is wasting money (and water) and not having enough pressure to water your tomato plants. When you have a refrigerant leak in your cooling system, it could result in a potential catastrophe. Freon leaks can pose health dangers and a risk to the environment as well as being damaging to your equipment. This is why a Freon detector is so important. Fortunately we have several different superior Freon leak detectors to choose from. If you're wondering about the Freon leak detector price, you'll see that there are leak detection solutions for every budget.

We have infra-red and electronic Freon detectors from Robinair, a dye-injection system from the appropriately named Bright Solutions and LED leak detection from Tracerline®. This company also offers EZ-Ject™ A/C and Fluid kits, Freon leak detection flashlights, and electronic refrigerant leak detectors. They also have the Pro-DigiScale™ refrigerant scale.

International: 845-677-8185

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