Fuel Accessories

Our convenient collection of aircraft fuel accessories ranges from drain valves to fuel tank decals, each offered to satisfy your aircraft?s needs. If you need an accurate read of your fuel level, our fuel gauge is ideal; our J-Air Fuelhawk gauge varieties offered are compatible to your fuel tank?s size, from 12 to 43.5 gallons, or 11 to 16 inches long. Before taking flight, test your fuel for water and debris with our fuel testers, which are compact and easy to use. Our aviation fuel additives work to reduce lead and increase your aircraft?s safety. Aviation fuel additives can also protect your aircraft against the growth of fungi or any harmful organisms that may impact your flight and well-being. Our Marvel Mystery Oil is a versatile item that can increase gas mileage, reduce sludge and protect your aircraft from corrosion under extreme temperatures. Mystery Oil can also lubricate your aircraft?s metal parts! At SkyGeek, our selection of fuel items and accessories will protect your aircraft. Don?t take off without testing and improving your fuel!

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