Gasket Maker

Don't blow a gasket if you suddenly discover you don't have the right sized gasket and you're out of gasket making compound. We have it right here at SkyGeek! These high performance gasket makers are silicone- or polyester polyol-based, with superior flexibility, adhesion and oil resistance. The Henkel Loctite silicone gasket maker is non-corrosive, low odor and chemical resistant. It performs admirably in high temperatures.

You'll also find silicone gasket makers for high vibration, high torque uses. We have Permatex high temperature silicone gasket maker, which won't crack or shrink with age. Hylomar polyester polyol-based gasket and jointing compound maintains its seal even with excessive heat and vibration.

Whatever it is you need to get up and flying again, you'll find it here. Since 2003, we've been your premiere source for all your aircraft parts, tools and supplies, with the most knowledgeable customer service team in the business.

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