There's no reason why your aircraft engineering work has to be such a grind - at least not when you have a high performance die-grinder to perform miracles with. We offer a selection of the best die grinders available from some companies you may have heard of. We're joking, of course. We have 8,000 to 20,000 RPM die grinders from 3M, angle die grinders from AIRCAT® and rear exhaust extended die grinders from Aircraft Tool Supply, which also offers a straight mini die grinder and other models. You'll find a rear exhaust micro die grinder kit and a lightweight air die grinder that's ideal for grinding, buffing and polishing. Pick up a complete set of rotary burrs, which can be used with a die grinder or high speed drill to trim and shape metals and composites.

Whether you need to grind it, machine it, hone it, sand it, polish it or buff it, you'll find a tool here that helps you get it done so you can then forget all about it.

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