Grommet Tools

Stop accidentally cutting your grommets and use the proper tools from SkyGeek to stretch grommets over larger plugs and fittings on your aircraft. In aviation, grommets are generally made of rubber and are used to protect wiring tubing and control cables. As tough as they may be (often being resistant to coolant and hot oil), they can often stretch too far and break when you attempt to pull them over bigger fittings or plugs. Stop accidentally snapping them by using the right tool! carries grommet stretcher tools like the one from Bogert Aviation. With a simple squeeze of the hand, you can safely and effectively pull grommets over larger objects like molex plugs and spark plug wires. SkyGeek's online aviation store offers grommet stretcher tools at the lowest prices around. Most of our items are ready to ship the next business day, and if you have any questions at all, we encourage you to contact our resident Geeks!

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