Hammers, Dead Blow Mallets, Brass Hammers

Our aviation hammers are selected to perform and provide power with each use. Our variety of hammers will put the classic hammer to shame. Try our Production Tool Supply dead blow hammers, ideal for use in non-marring applications. These heavy duty shot filled tools are offered in three sizes for your unique projects and preferences. For a durable hammer that delivers extreme force, our dead blow mallets are ideal. Are you concerned about scratching the surface of your aircraft's sheet metal while hammering? Don't damage your aircraft's surface with a traditional hammer. Our rawhide mallets are conveniently covered with durable rawhide, delivering a striking blow without sacrificing strength. Rawhide hammers are ideal for long-lasting performance that won't leave your aircraft scratched and damaged. In areas where sparking may be a safety concern, we carry brass hammers designed to work effectively without sparking. These hammers are offered in one or two pound varieties. Our aviation hammers will impress any mechanic. Eliminate the hassle, sparking and scratching with our specially designed products.

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