Hex Keys, Hex Wrench Sets, Alan Wrenches

For your hex keys and accessories, SkyGeek carries the products you need. Our hex wrench sets are durable and affordable, selected to fit the budget of every aviator and technician. Our 11-Piece Allen Short Arm Hex Key Set, offered by Allen brand, is priced at $5.99 for the complete set. This hex key set includes 11 Allen wrench sizes, ranging from .050 to 3/8 inches. These hex wrenches are drop forged from tool steel and hardened to last years in your toolbox. For a hex wrench set with added comfort in every use, try our Production Tool Supply six inch T-Handle Hex Key Set. Each wrench includes a comfortable T-Handle, eliminating discomfort on even the toughest jobs. For $35.99, this 10 key specialty set will impress with its power and durability. Install bolts and screws with ease using our hex wrench sets! These sets are specially designed to deliver effective use and comfort for every job.

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