Hole Gauge Tools, Bore Gauges, Telescoping Bore Gauges

To maintain your aircraft, you need the proper hole gauge tools to effectively measure your aircraft's cylinder bore. We carry the telescoping bore gauges and full ball hole gauges to measure even the smallest radii. For your engine to run effectively, no air should leave the cylinder when the piston extends. Measuring the radius of both the cylinder and the piston is essential to ensure that no air passes and that your engine is reaching its full potential. We carry the measuring tools that will effectively and easily measure your cylinder bore. Try our Travers Tool or Aircraft Tool Supply telescoping gauges, offered in a range of sizes to fit your engine type. Our Central Tools and Aircraft Tool Supply Full Ball hole gauges measure much smaller diameters, from .125 to .500 inches. For extremely precise measurements, our Fowler dial bore gauges will deliver. These sets include the tools and accessories you need for complete cylinder diameter data collection. To calculate your aircraft cylinder bore and maximize performance, we carry the hole gauge tools and accessories you need.

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