Lightspeed Aviation Headsets

Can you hear me now? Oh wait, wrong product. But these exceptionally well designed Lightspeed headsets will effectively block out noise so that you can hear your ground crew with absolute clarity. This is very important when in flight. The Zulu, Zulu.2 and Sierra Lightspeed aviation headsets benefit from the latest technology such as state-of-the-art noise cancellation, acoustic response mapping and Bluetooth. The Sierra's reversible headset design lets you have the microphone on the left or the right, and all styles are lightweight and will connect to iPhones, iPads and Bluetooth devices. You'll also find a selection of Lightspeed aviation headset accessories such as ear seals, headpads, gel seals, wind screens, comfort seal, ear tips and cell phone adapters. is your premiere source for the most technologically advanced products for your aircraft, maintenance work and ground crew. Call our aviation wizards if you have any questions.

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