Dust Masks

Atchoo! In an aircraft manufacturing plant, maintenance hangar or some other industrial workplace, it's not just common allergies you have to worry about. Cat dander and pollen can make some people miserable, but potentially toxic chemicals, dust from sanders and substances in aerosol sprays can be far more serious. These disposable particulate respirator face masks can certainly be used around your kittens and all that ragweed, but chances are good you'll want to have them in your hangar as well.

Use these dust masks when you're working with a grinder or sander, or with paints, sealants and other potentially hazardous chemicals. From global leader 3M, we have respirator face masks that combine comfort with a secure seal to protect from oil aerosols, dust, non-oil based particles and other materials that can become airborne when handling chemicals and preparing surfaces. These face masks are available in packages of 8 to 240, and are designed for extended wear.  

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