Metal Shears, Hand Metal Shears, Metal Cutting Shears

Our metal shears are engineered to cut through sheet metal at lightning speed. We offer metal cutting shears for every budget, ranging from $26.99 for lightweight cutting and small projects to $2,979.99 for impressive larger scale jobs. For a mid-range metal shear, try the JET Portable Shear, ideal for cutting steel bars and rods, as well as sheet steel and other non-metals. This product is priced at $299.99, durable and designed to perform with little maintenance. For easy-to-use handheld metal sheers, we carry six useful tools. The Jilson SuperSnip Metal Shear is a handheld, less expensive alternative that cuts through sheet metal without any ragged edges. The SuperSnip will leave your sheet metal with smooth edges with every cut and its small size is ideal for interior cuts. Our selection of metal cutters, from compact handheld shears to the cast-iron Tennsmith, provides a professional finish with every use.

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