Micrometers, Digital Micrometers, Digital Outside Micrometers

At SkyGeek, we carry micrometers that deliver the most precise measurements at the lowest prices. Our micrometer and micrometer sets are offered in a variety of sizes and styles to satisfy your budget and your measuring needs. Eliminate any guesswork with our Fowler Digital Outside Micrometers. These tools come in three sizes and include an easy to read digital counter to reduce reading errors. For added precision and error reduction, every fifth thousandth is counted on the thimble. Our Fowler micrometers have a .0001 inch resolution, using the vernier scale, in both digital and non-digital varieties. While our digital outside micrometers prevent reading errors, we carry economy micrometers for the budget-conscious buyer. If you're looking to complete your measuring toolset, try our three piece micrometer sets to measure a range of sizes with optimal precision. Our digital micrometers are equipped with carbide tipped parts to ensure long lasting use and resistance to wear.

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