Microstop Countersinks, Countersink Cutters, Countersink Bits

We carry microstop countersinks that will cut precise, clean holes to allow your bolts and screws to lie even with or below the surface. Our countersink cutters are fast, accurate and easy to use for any aviator. We offer the Aircraft Tool Supply countersink cutters and bits you need to efficiently create countersinks in your aircraft's metal. Try the 133-HD 1/2 inch Heavy Duty Microstop. This product has a ball bearing design for smooth maneuvering and reduced heat. The 133-HD will attach to drills with a 1/4 inch chuck and adjusts in .001 inch increments. Our extended, slim and mini microstops will perform in hard-to-reach areas. The mini microstop is only 1-3/8 inches long but maintains 3000 RPM, so you won't lose speed and power with this smaller product. Our slim microstop features bronze bearings and is ideal for narrow, difficult-to-reach spaces. For precise countersinks that will keep your screws and bolts secure, our selection of microstop products delivers.

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