Propeller Repair Tools & Supplies

Your propeller is obviously one of the most important parts of your aircraft which is why you should make sure it's working well and in top condition with our selection of propeller repair tools and supplies. As a pilot, it's necessary to have a good gauge on how your propeller is working. An inaccurate reading of your propeller speed can cause problems and waste fuel and engine life. Make sure you get an accurate analysis with a digital propeller tachometer like the one from Ventura Technologies. You can use it inside and outside the cockpit, and it works on airplanes that have two to five blades. And it never needs adjustment, so all you have to worry about it adjusting your propeller to get you back up in the air again! To keep your propeller running, you need high quality tools in case of maintenance. A propeller shaft oil seal installer and puller that remove oil and grease seals, while keeping the nuts on the prop hub tight, can be done with an Avery Tool propeller wrench.

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