Fowler Radius Gauges, Propeller Protractors, Dial Protractors

To measure radii on your aircraft, SkyGeek carries the Fowler products for your toolbox. Our Fowler radius gauges come in five varieties to measure your aircraft parts with ease. Each gauge has a unique measuring range for every area on your aircraft! Try the 1/32 to 1/4 inch gauge, equipped with a concave and convex radius and locking device for added convenience. This product is offered at only $25.99, perfect for any handy aviator's budget. This dial protractor model is offered in three different sizes with prices ranging from $25.99 to $29.99. Our dial protractors are excellent precision tools measured with a 64th gradient. If you need an angle indicator that will deliver accurate measurements with every use, our Fowler radius gauges are the high performance product you need. The Fowler Universal Dial Protractor includes six and 12 inch blades along with an acute angle attachment. This product is constructed with hardened stainless steel and equipped with a helpful lock. To measure any radius with precision and ease, our Fowler radius gauges get the job done.

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