Rawhide Hammers, Rawhide Mallets

Our rawhide hammers deliver incredible force without scratching your aircraft's metal surfaces. Traditional hammers can leave behind unattractive markings on your aircraft; avoid any damage with our Production Tool Supply rawhide hammers. Our rawhide mallets are priced from $16.99 to $31.99 and range from one to two inches in diameter. These hammers will provide you with the force you need without the damage other hammers can cause. Our rawhide hammers are affordable, durable and helpful for any aviator. Equipped with a carved wooden handle, these hammers are the ideal gift for any stylish handyman. With our Production Tool Supply rawhide hammers, you will get scratch-free results with every use. Replace your traditional hammer with our rawhide-covered varieties and leave your metal looking brand new. Our rawhide hammers are ideal for repairs, maintenance and reinforcing any metal on your aircraft or other machine. Invest in yours today and see the difference with every stroke.

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