Peening Tools, Rivet Peening, Mild Steel Rivet Peening Tool

We carry the peening tools you need to make rivet installation a breeze. Rivet peening can be tedious and difficult without the right tools. With our selection of Aircraft Tool Supply mild steel rivet peening tools, you will never struggle with your rivets again. Our rivet peening tools are offered in three and seven inch lengths. We carry aluminum, nylon and brass heads, as well as replacement parts if your peening tool is damaged or worn. These affordable replacement heads are available for only $9.99 each! All of our peening tools have a .401 inch shank diameter and are compatible with the same rivet guns and hammers so you can alternate tool types and sizes without needing additional adapters. For your peening air tool, we have the head you need. Our brass, aluminum and nylon peening rivets are durable and easy to use. Just insert the tool into a hammer or rivet gun and begin the peening process.

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