Rivet Squeezer

Just as you wouldn't try to break open a lobster claw with a hatchet, you wouldn't want to use just any tool for working with rivets. These specialty rivet squeezers are ruggedly constructed for daily use by leading manufacturers such as Aircraft Tool Supply and Roper Whitney. You can find a heavy duty rivet squeezer, a bench rivet squeezer and especially durable super duty rivet squeezers. There is also a deluxe rivet squeezer kits that includes a heavy duty rivet squeezer, bench mount kit, extra yoke head, squeezer set and dimple dies. Other kits are also available. If you're looking for specific parts for rivet squeezer tools, we have those too. You can find a replacement Aircraft Tool Supply (ATS) hand squeezer yoke or a rivet squeezer upgrade kit. If you have questions, check out the SkyGeek.com Help Center or call our knowledgeable geeks.

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