Rugged Air Aviation Products

With a great set of headsets like these high-end models from Rugged Air, you can listen to your favorite rock albums without anyone bothering you. Actually, what you really want to use these aviation headsets for is to be able to clearly hear and communicate with air traffic control and your ground crew. However, a few models do include iPod ports, so you can listen to all those cool bands as well. Rugged Air, as the name suggests specializes in ruggedly designed communications equipment such as aviation and helicopter headsets and intercoms. These reliable headsets are widely used by pilots, instructors, student pilots, flight schools and charter services for top-notch transmissions and exceptional comfort all day long.

There are mono aircraft headsets with iPod ports, stereo aviation headsets with iPod ports, child's aircraft headsets and helicopter headsets with flex booms. In addition to headsets, you'll also find parts and accessories such as headset headbands, headset ear covers, ear seals, microphones, microphone muffs, cables, adapters, splitters and headset bags.

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